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A vacation in which all you do is masturbate.
Joe:"Hey where's Frank I havn't seen him in the Office?"
Scott: "Hes on his Vacasturbation , won't be back for 2 weeks."
Joe: "Woah I hope he brought enough lube!"
Scott: "Three boxes worth actually."
by Jarredshere February 10, 2011
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Spending intermittent hours/weeks/months on-line at work and at home to figure out where the next awesome place to escape to is, to get away from all this fucking bullshit.
The only thing I can afford right now is a vacasturbation.

If it weren't for a vacasturbation, I'd be stuck playing with my kids.

If it weren't for a vacasturbation, I'd be stuck talking to my partner/spouse/husband/wife/kids/friend/family-relation/other.

We'll start the meeting as soon as I'm done with my vacasturbation. And don't repeat that.
by Lunch Mouth December 02, 2011

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