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Vagina Per Week, the amount of vagina you will gain access to on a weekly basis due to your mode of transport.
The VPW off that Ferrari is through the roof as opposed to the VPW off that bicycle which is approaching zero. (approaching zero but not actually zero due to the existence of easy girls)
by sharpist April 19, 2010
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VPW stands for vicious power wank, Because sometimes you just need to try a little harder to rub one out.
Person 1: Where are you off to?
Person 2: I'm just off for a VPW
Person 1: ...Fair enough, good luck.
by DrunkenTramp October 08, 2010
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A big bad Sureno gang which is Varrio Plaza Wild, from the 559 to the 619 area.
Tom: Hey, did you hear about the taggin in the resroom?
Rodrigo: yea, they tagged VPW
Tom: What does it stand for
Rodrigo: Varrio Plaza Wild, a gangster ass sureno gang
by Ese Trigger April 04, 2011
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