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A group of college kids whose main goal in life is extreme hedonism. Originated in Madsion in 2003 and founded at Ogg hall with two subsequent headquarters at 410 W. Doty and 1623 Monroe that were more affectionately known as "Mafia HQ". The main activities that were dutifully practiced by each member as prescribed to them by their fearless founder, Crazy Will, included "slanging caine" (the selling of cocaineHCL), flaming jane(marijuana smoking), and "maintain"(making sure monetary funds were always available. The meaning of the term VG$ is Vent Gang Smokers so called because their first meetings were located at the vent on the now defunt Ogg Hall in Madison where they smoked copius amounts of marijuana and ciggarettes. The term "Mafia" was introduced in late 2003 as an epithet that reaffirmed the group's fellowship and criminal mischief. Even after the founder was charged with a felony for stealing vast quantities of pills (Vicodin, Xanax, Oxycontin) from his employer, Walgreens, the fearless leader continued to "slang" "oxy" and created an acronym for his beloved city, Making Assloads of Dollars In Slanging Oxy Non-stop or simply M.A.D.I.S.O.N. VG$ mafia members can be recognized by their tireless screaming of "MAFIA" at any number of social events such as parties or street festivals. This is also used to recognize one another. The fearless leader also possesses a tattoo on the right shoulder with the simple phrase VGS MAFIA in gothic style letters.
speaker 1:Hey I heard that John is going to a party at Zac's house tonight.
speaker 2:That is right. Zac is a member of VG$ Mafia so there is bound to be cocaine, pills and marijuana there.

VG$ Mafia member: "MAFIA"(screaming at the top of his lungs)
by william devito November 24, 2006
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