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The VFR line was initiated in 1986 by the Honda Corporation, and has seen almost 35 variations since that time.

It has its' characteristic v-four 90degree engine; capturing both the low-end torque of the v-twin class, and the high-end power of the inline-four. Its' engine displacements have ranged from 400cc to 800cc, with the current incarnation settling at 800cc displacement (781cc real).

Through out its production it has captured the hearts and minds of experienced riders; dropping and picking up the title "Interceptor" as time has passed so many times that the name is synonymous with VFR.

Though originally coined as a race bike, it now tends to be termed an old-mans sport bike. However by creating a bike with power, handling, and comfort in mind Honda has proved to live up to it's reputation as more than a vehicle company. Honda is an engineering company, and the VFR is no bike to be scoffed at.
1986 vfr400r
1988 vfr700r
1990 vfr750fl
1998 vfr800fi
2000 vfr800f4i
by schimschone March 11, 2005
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