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Uzumakianity. It's difficult to explain this word. Well, you know how in stories, there is usually a bad guy. A bad guy who is evil and bad and stuff. He or she does evil, bad things.

Then there is a good guy who loves everyone and only wants everyone to be happy and have a good time. He or she hates the bad guy, but is willing to give him or her a second chance.

Well, Uzumakianity is when the good guy convinces the bad guy to be good so they can frolic in fields of flowers and hold hands. It's almost magic, how the good guy changes the bad guy so completely. That's Uzumakianity. It usually doesn't make sense. And it doesn't have to, because it's Uzumakianity, man.
Uzumakianity derives from the word Uzumaki, which is Naruto's last name. Naruto didn't start Uzumakianity, but he did name this unrealistic, magical phenomenon.
by dance179 January 27, 2010
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