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Supporting a God called Uudo Sepp and greatly admiring not only his singing, but also his skills on piano.

Uudoism is known to be the most common religion in Estonia, especially in Tallinn.
Uudoism has been predicted to be as popular as Christianity and Buddhism by year 2025.

The main idea behind Uudoism is belief in one true God - Uudo Sepp, and following his pure views on life.
Person A: Hey dude, my mother told me to pray at church then I can play Fortnite, wanna join?
Person B: I'm sorry, I can't. I must follow Uudoism and attend to my Lord's "meet&greet.
Person A: Ok... I think I'm not Christian anymore. Let me invite my friends along.
by ei aitΓ€h December 23, 2018
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