Often used in show Miraculous Ladybug by Chloe. In real life, it is used as an exaggeration of saying ridiculous.
this service is so terrible! Utterly Ridiculous!
by Supdude2016 January 4, 2020
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A universal adjective which may indicate contentment or discontent in something, or that a certain event is, has been, or will be enjoyable, boring, fun, painful or exciting.
Last night was utterly ridiculous.
by kcynic July 24, 2006
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Chloe Bourgeois’s catchphrase from Miraculous Ladybug (probably one of the best shows ever as well as in existence).
Someone gave Chloe KFC instead of whatever the Hell she ordered.
Chloe: I asked for a beef fillet with fois de gras not this poor person food (Throws KFC at someone in a massive fit of rage) This is so ridiculous utterly ridiculous!
What a Karen, am I right?
by Delete this account now July 2, 2023
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