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The Urinal Effect is based upon an individual's inability to properly maintain control of their stream at a urinal. The Effect compounds upon itself as proceeding individuals are forced further away from the urinal as the lake of urine continues to grow beneath their feet. The theoretical size of the resulting lake is infinite, until properly sanitized by a janitor.
"Dude, there was a horrible Urinal Effect in the Cici's bathroom. I had to stand 5 feet back."
by Casper's Nut May 29, 2018
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When a group of people are faced with a row of seats or something similar, those people will tend to sit in every other seat so as not to be creepy to the other people

Comes from the unspoken etiquette of men’s bathrooms that states that they can never use a urinal next to one that another man is using.
“I can’t sit down in any of these seats or I’ll be creepy! I’ve fallen victim to the Urinal Effect!”
by The Ginger Snap no. 2 June 02, 2018
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