Urban Amnesia is a symptom often experienced by curious people who hear a word and need to look it up.

It occurs when, in a public situation, someone hears an interesting word and doesn't want to look like an idiot and ask what it means. At that time, thinking to themselves "I'll look it up on Urbandictionary later!" then, upon reaching an internet source, you experience a total blackout and cannot remember the word you were going to look up.
John: Yo dude, I pulled an Iron Horse the other day

Me: NICE dude *thinks* (what the fuck is that?)

*later on that evening*

Me: okayyyy *urbandictionary* FFFFFFFUUUUUUU WHAT WAS THAT WORD!?!?!? D:
*Suffers from Urban Amnesia
by adambeast308 May 15, 2011
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The affliction suffered when you go on Urban Dictionary to look up a word, but after several minutes of reading all the Words of the Day you've missed since you were last on UD, you completely forget what you wanted to look up.
Today was the day I finally decided to figure out what the word "sex" meant. I pulled up Urban Dictionary, but was immediately distracted by all the Words of the Days that had been posted since I last needed to go on UD, to figure out what the word "boobies" meant. I came down with a case of Urban Dictionary Amnesia and forgot why I was even there in the first place. Ah well, I'm sure it's not that important anyway...

"Oh, right, that's why I was here"



And that's why i decided to try autofellatio.
by Innocentpants November 07, 2009
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A condition in which the editors of a popular website forget to fulfill their mission as a vital conduit for the evolution of English vernacular, as spoken by the people on a regular basis.

Instead of focusing on the mission, they opt to include and proliferate forced, unwitty and often juvenile standards that instead creates a forgettable, unreliable and unusable reference for the future.
By approving seemingly every entry, and by setting a low quality standard, Urban Dictionary has forgetten why it exists and has acquired Urban Purpose Amnesia. There appears to be a disregard for the quality of examples, and whether they are insightful, funny or coherent. Pundits do not believe Urban Dictionary can survive as a medium for the English language on its current course. In fact, previously well placed entries may also be ignored, rendering the web site's entire existence meaningless.
by EncyclopediaBrown December 29, 2011
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