About the same as gentrification, where a group of people think they're doing a good job on something, and think that the people from the area think they're doing a good job on something, and that they should be grateful, when really they're fucking it up/destroying it forever.
The black guy lost his entire neighborhood he grew up in while the news said the area was seeing new life and how great it was for everybody that new construction was there. Gentrification and urban renewal seems far more racist than any slur or insult (when you think about the disregard a developer has for whether the people from an area even want something built there), but for some reason people are told it is acceptable to do it.
by The Original Agahnim June 24, 2021
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The often difficult process of renewing the urban areas of a city to "renew them". Also the TeRm of rEnewing ones self bY making themselves look good through hard work and much time.
by TKISLC January 9, 2011
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the intentional torching of abandoned or undesirable properties or structures in the hood.
Tom: the crack house looks nasty yo.

Bill: I'll be doin some urban renewal tonight after your mom leaves.
by whiteboyinthehoodyo May 21, 2009
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