Evil. Pure and utter evil.

Opinionated and devilish who devide whats what and what goes on and off the website
Woah lets go have sex with the urban dictionary mods
by Mrs President May 9, 2021
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ThrbOver opinionated mods who decide what goes on the website, by their own bad morals.
Guy 1: damn those urban dictionary mods sure di hate emos, but must love furries, i only ever see fairly positive reviews on emos and negative on furries
by Mrs President April 21, 2021
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Mods of the popular,yet useless, dictionary site where anyone can post definitions who are extremely opinionated and decide what is entered into the website by their own corrupt,biased and terrible moral values. They have fairly posotive veiws on emos, yet very negative veiw on furries.
Guy 1:Man, those urban dictionary mods must love emos, there are only fairly positive reveiws and mine that had even slight negativity was removed

Guy2: yeah they hate furries, there are only bad reveiws on them!
by Mrs President May 9, 2021
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Evil people that take down your high effort and popular definitions
I had a definition of "Pokimane" that had like 44 up votes and 8 down votes or something like that that got taken down by urban dictionary mods. Probably I was mass reported by a bunch of fucking retarded simps, fuck all of you! #freemypokimanedefinition
by I eat poop 69 February 24, 2022
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