Ur-ban Prin'-cess, n., def. "A woman encompassing, 'THE WHOLE PACKAGE,’ a chic and savvy combo of looks, brains, vitality, and ‘ZEE OOH, LA LA,’ a term reflecting joy, romance, passion…all that is good in life. She comports herself with skill, diplomatic in all things, with an eye to the ‘big picture’ when it comes to life. The Urban Princess acknowledges her power and recognizes the limitations of a 24 hour day. Fortunately, she knows the tricks of the trade and has discovered the MISSING LINK to make it all happen." See: UrbanPrincessSurvivalGuide.com
In the best of times, 'The Urban Princess' revels in the moment and in the worst of times she understands the importance of staying balanced. The 'Urban Princess' optimizes her time, while shifting through daily hyper-drive, finding moments to revitalize. This is a feat nothing short of miraculous…but…a Princess knows such magic has a positive and cumulative effect on one’s peace-of-mind thus leaving said mind in one-piece. “Urban Princess Survival Guide”
by The Urban Princess August 18, 2014
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A woman who is: single, stylish, sophisticated, sensual, adventurous, slightly mischievous, and lives in a metropolitan setting. She relies only on herself to get the best of everything she wants, is more intelligent and perceptive than most, and does not tolerate any nonsense from others.

An alpha female, only to be found living in one of the world's major cosmopolitan cities.
That just won't do, because I'm an urban princess.
by SMAKDADI July 10, 2010
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A girl that acts all nice and innocent round her family and totally out of control around everyone else. She's usually has soem combination of the following traits: sluttiness, bitchiness, ditziness, unfaithfullness and extreme shallownesss. Basically like the Alicia Silverstone character from "Clueless". This is dangerously combined with being extremely beautiful, and they wrap men (usually young and naive) around their little fingers. The parents are usually completely oblivious. Her bedroom will be adorned with soft toys, porcelin dolls and other girly paraphenalia.
That Karen is such an urban princess.
by K.C.D.L May 24, 2004
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A beautiful virtuous pure young woman of God living in the hurting inner citys of the world! A princess that is drenched in proverbs 31! She is poised, graceful, giving, understanding,selfless, pure, intellectual, beautiful, strong and God-Fearing!
Wow-have you met amanda? She's such an urban princess!
by GodsGirlNotOfThisWorld February 18, 2012
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