A site used for listing disgusting and crude words.

*WARNING* Not for anyone under the age of 18.
May include sexual inuendos, sexual references, vile and explicit decriptions.

"It has come to my attention that the once great dictionary of the urban world has been defiled. Not because of the great creators, nay, because of the throng of FREAKING SICKOS!"
-Great Philosipher
John: "Urban dictionary website is for pervs!"

Mary: "I'll never let my children goto Urban Dictionary Website!"
by Anthony Pollard September 16, 2006
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So, when sentences get excepted onto a word dictionary site, people begin to take up space on the side bar that can be seen while looking at a word on Urban Dictionary. For that, I have created the largest word on this site. The word means that a word on this site is getting a little out of hand.
Did you see the new word on Urban Dictionary?
It was more of a possibly-the-longest-word-on-the-urban-dictionary-website-of-all-time.
by Dudephish Douglas May 18, 2011
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