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Term used to define a person who is in a street gang and attempts to post erroneous commentary in the form of a definition submitted to the Urban Dictionary about their involvement in a street gang or the prowess of such a street gang.

A gangbanger that wants their name and/or the name of their street gang to appear in the Urban Dictionary and attempts to achieve such by submitting a fallacious definition.

Any of numerous street thugs, usually with limited intelligence, that seeks notoriety of some type by means of apocryphal boasting through inappropriate submission of words, names, or acronyms specifically to the Urban Dictionary.
I feel sorry for the Urban Dictionary editors because there are so many Urbadictobangers submitting lame and useless rantings about their street gangs and related activities simply to mark their perceived territorial boundaries with threats and/or slurs aimed at other gangs, and/or simply the public at large, in an attempt to gain some sense of notoriety by having such appear in the Urban Dictionary. What a waste of time.
by CDLady April 06, 2008
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