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Way worse than “ur mom gay, ur granny tranny, ur dad lesbian, ur uncy funky, ur sister mister, ur pap a trap and ur brother mother all combined
Ron: ur dad lesbian
Preston: no u
Ron: ur nephew a jew
Preston: *loads gun and proceeds to the bathroom*
by vseasons May 13, 2018
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One of the most devastating insults of all time. God himself fears the power of this insult. Only to be used in extreme circumstances. This insult is so devastating it can't even be returned by No u.
1. ur mum gay lol
2. ur dad lesbian
1.ur granny tranny
2. ur grandpap a trap
1. ur sister a mister
2. ur brother a mother
1. ur niece obese
2. ur nephew a jew
*everything is fucking obliterated as the universe implodes
by canadianboi May 14, 2018
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