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The insult to end all insults. Only to be used when at DEFCON 1. Potential to end the entire universe.
Kim Jong-Un: Donny I’m finna nuke America bih
Donald J Trump: Ur bro a ho
Kim Jong-Un: *head explodes, entire military combusts, North Korea blown off the face of the earth, giant black hole consumes andromeda galaxy*
by KrabyPatySuprem May 11, 2018
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Worse than ur mom gay, ur dad a lesbian, ur granny a tranny, AND ur Grandpap a trap
person 1: ur mom gay
person 2: well ur dad a lesbian
person 1: ur granny a tranny
person 2: ur grandpap a trap
person 1: ur bro a ho
person 2: *gets sucked into a black hole to be utterly burnt to a crisp by roasts*
by ThornyMemes April 09, 2018
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worst then ur sister a mister,ur dad lesbian, ur mum gay, ur grandpap a trap & ur granny a tranny
rob: Yo! ur mum gay lol
intellectual: ur dad lesbian tho
rob: haha ur granny a tranny
intellectual: and ur grandpap is a trap
intellectual: ur bro a ho.

rob explodes into small pieces of contagious gay and everyone dies except for the intellectual.
by bigboigae May 15, 2018
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