Uolevi is an ancient Nortic male name that originated from Finland, it is pronounced OH-lev-ee. Other spelling variants are: Olavi and Uolevy. The definition of Uolevi is unclear, but it comes from the Finnish name Olaf, which means relic, or ancestral heritage. Despite the very steadfast logical name Uolevi represents, people named this will most likely enjoy unexpected opportunities for meeting people, or doing things on the spur of the moment. Uolevi will be the type that will be unwavering in specific tasks that he chooses to undertake, as long as it absorbs his interest, then he can persevere confidently when confronted by obstacles or by tedious monotony. But Uolevi is also so bullheaded and stubborn, he can overtake almost anything he puts his mind to regardless of his personal motives. Uolevi will never be able to tolerate a situation where his independence and individuality is curtailed, and will do almost anything to avoid being in situations that cause those things to be threatened. There is an element of idealism in this name which makes Uolevi generous toward those who are less fortunate than himself, and also causes him to uphold the rights of others. He can not stand injustice, and because of this core belief he will no doubt get into some unfortunate situations, but also undoubtedly Uolevi is sure to have the cunning, quick mind and sheer will power that will be necessary to overcome any difficulties thrown his way.
Uolevi the Great was exceptional when it came to decision making and debates. He never had any problem fighting for what he believed in, but also knew when to stay quiet and weigh out the situation
by Leterature Zealot February 24, 2016
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