A phrase used to describe electronic Ebay items that are in fact tested, but do not work. Used to absolve the seller of any blame for the item's shortcomings, and to allow the price of the item to be higher than the same item listed as broken. Effective on people new to Ebay, or too stupid to see through obvious scams.
Used copy of Mega Man X: $80.00 (Untested)
by Dick Cheese and Crackers May 28, 2013
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The embodiment of faith.
Oh, you have faith do you?

The next time you feel compelled to use the word 'faith', why don't you try replacing it with: 'pretending to know something that I really don't know''.
If you really want to keep it simple you could just say: 'I have unreliable, untestable truth'.
by YAWA November 1, 2017
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To revive.
The survivors got Quatchescoed so they got Unteste.
by RedFinger221 March 13, 2022
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