The Rules of Man
These rules seperate the douchbags and assholes from the men

rule #1. NEVER embarass a guy infront of a girl


rule #3. Dont hit girls/ dont cheat on a girl

rule #4. If someone tells you to shut up, try to.

rule #5. Dont Spread Rumors

rule #6. Never try to make a girl cheat on a guy
Guy 1: I totally cheated on my girlfriend last night

Guy 2: Asshole.. You broke an Unspoken Rule
by Nebakenezzer May 3, 2008
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The Unspoken Rules Of Society are a bunch of rules only elite members of Society know. Some of the rules are: Never drink water out of a mug, rule number 11, never drink hot cocoa out of a regular cup, rule number 10, and rule number 12, never have a brighter ceiling light and a lamp on at the same time.
" Hey! That LOSER is drinking water out of a mug! He's breaking rule number 11 of The Unspoken Rules Of Society!"
by an_absolute_idiot February 22, 2021
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when sharing armrests with a complete stranger, you should always use the front of the armrest on your left side and the back of the armrest on the right
this guy aint respecting the unspoken rule of armrests
by origami_XD September 3, 2016
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