Coined during the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone / Capital Hill Occupy Protest on Jun 14th 2020.

The act of give or have your money and possessions redistributed to the needy without consciously doing so.
CHAZ resident 1: This happened 2 hrs ago, and Im still recovering from the shock as all my valuables have been stolen.

Came back from a walk to my tent and all my valuable items are gone. My laptop (16 inch MBP) , power banks, Cash of ~$400 and entire bang pack with my week's supplies are gone.

CHAZ resident 2: Please don't leave. We are stronger together. You don't exactly know what happened to our belongings (only that they vanished), so to say it was theft is not entirely fair. It could be that a disadvantaged resident was in greater need of the items than you, and that's what we are about as a community. I know it is hard to hear this, but treat it as an unplanned donation. You did a good thing today. I'm proud of you.
by oakland-cat July 1, 2020