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One of the top private universities in Malaysia, famous in the field of engineering and information technology. Generally speaking, guys are the dominant species in Uniten.

Tuition fees are up to RM55k a year but most graduates ended up with a job of high salary.

Uniten is never short of foreign students.

Unlike any other universities it's always hard to score a good gpa.
uniten nerd : how much is your gpa dude?
UiTM dude : 3.61. yours?
Uniten nerd : cool. i got 2.42
UiTM dude : oh that's very good!

Nerd1: How bout her?
Nerd2: Definitely a 4 out of 10. too hot for uniten

joe went to uniten? DAMN he's gonna be rich
by mr.tuff August 09, 2009
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