how one breaks up time when they're unemployed - usually 1 unit = 30 minutes
by Ellie from Philly July 26, 2008
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A unit of time that is typically exactly 1 hour and 35 minutes 32 seconds, the same length as the movie, Shrek (2001), invented by PornHub user and prominent intellectual, HertogJ. As the movie will be an additional second in length for certain DVD players, which is approximately one in every 9.807 DVDs, Leap Shreks™ must be included when measuring time with this unit. One Leap Shrek™ is equal to 95 minutes and 33 seconds, and occurs once every 9.807 (typically rounded to 9.81 or 10) Shreks™.
Shrek (unit of time) in a sentence:

Person 1: yo free my homie, he just committed arson, kidnapped and held hostage 7 people and committed vehicular manslaughter and they gave the mf 34 years! 😤
Person 2: huh? What's that in Shreks™?
Person 1: 188109.47 Shreks™ excluding Leap Shreks™ to 8 significant figures.
Person 2: damn bro that's crazy... we live in a society yo 😞 free my nigga on god 🙏
by Samueliscool223 August 13, 2021
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