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aka...Guys that go to Unionville High School. They are usually rich. They are eighther pot heads, or trying to act like their from the gehhto (even though their white and live in like million $ houses), or both. They spend most of their time getting drunk, however still manage to get good grades and go to Penn State.
You Know Ur In Unionville When...

All the guys are wearing the latest Ghetto fashions (ex..South Pole), are wasted, and are smoking a joint.
by blah December 30, 2004
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the guys that go to unionville are really mean. They think they can be mean to everyone and put people down... wat fags they are all druggies except for some
Uville Guy 1: Hey you want some pot
Uville Guy 2: Sure, and while were at it lets make fun of her clothes
by Uville Guys suck April 17, 2005
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