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A club for friends that focuses on the promotion of joy through creativity and innovative collaboration. The Unicult utilizes a variety of cultural rituals and archetypes to accomplish this goal. The Unicult is member driven and open to all.
The coloring book that the Unicult made is dope as hell.
by Member No. 25-9-1 July 26, 2013
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Unicult was a group of student created early in December of 2010. Members that joined were generally art enthusiasts that banded together to spread the word about their "relic Unicorn statue". The Unicorn is symbolic of all things noble and true to the members, and promotes creativity. In a vaguely documented meeting, the Unicult Leader, N.Dementhon, proposed that cloaks be worn under all circumstances in which the members meet outside of Unicult grounds. This custom is one of many among the group, some of which include, but are not limited to, throwing glitter at non-members, dance circles, and greeting each other my waving their arms in a peculiar motion otherwise called "noodle arms".
"there's a Unicult meeting today"
by the relic September 15, 2011
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