A joke that is meant to be funny but isn't. It will often kill the atmosphere at parties and social events (Unfunny Joke conventions excluded).

The joke could be unfunny because it has no pay off, it is said in the wrong way or is too hard or complex for the audience to understand. Other reasons for the joke being unfunny is that it is blatantly plagiarised.

Q: What's the opposite of Progress?

A: Congress.


Q: What is Gandalf's grandad called?

A: Grandalf.


Q: A man walks into a bar effing and blinding.
by Light Brown Carpet April 16, 2014
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Unfunny jokes are -69/10 jokes, like this one. You really aren't supposed to use them, seeing how many people who write these are in Gen Z. These can be ranging from Teen Titans Go to every dead meme in existence. They also are very awkward, because saying sus can make your social credit drop from 793 to -sideways 8.
Comedian: Why don't oysters donate to charity? Because their shellfish! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
Literally every atom in existence: Alright, what the fuck?
Comedian: Wait, I can tell another joke! Why couldn't the pirate sit down? His booty got stolen by a h-
Literally every living organism in existence: Yeah, yeah, we know. Hot sexy girl. Unoriginal and unfunny. We are nuking you for making two unfunny jokes in a row.
by World Record of gifting vbucks December 13, 2021
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