A tall ,beautiful girl. She is funny and makes people smile. Her eyes shine like the sun and her hair flows in the wind.
Uneek is my best friend. She us amazing.
by Beautiful and not yours March 21, 2018
You, Nerd and Geek put into one word. Someone who is in way to many fandoms but excels at school
by Simon the sloth January 22, 2018
Artist, tall, black guy, hence the black name. Hangs out with people who likes him.
" Wat's up Uneek?"

by Uneek McKnight May 15, 2008
The chief producer of Bone Thugs N Harmony's albums. Made a name for himself with his 8 minute remix of "The Points" featuring B.I.G, Coolio, Redman, BTNH, Busta Rhymes, Jamal, Shatasha, Menace Clan, Violator, Helta Skelta, Big Mike, Doodlebug, and 5th Ward.

From the eastcoast ballers to the westcoast riders, DJ Uneek and Violator presents the ghetto's top dogs. Ha ha ha...
by GFK June 3, 2006