A surreal charicature of a Metairie brosky, daddy deamster, and pretentious alternative go-green cunt. Known for absurd notions, vile manners, and pathological/compulsive lying, this species is indigenous to all places trash, ubiquitous in regards to bro hangouts, LA Fitnesses, and tanning salons. Inform this specie of its delusions, ill feats, or distorted facial features, and it will most likely respond in incoherent babbling rants of no logical substance - whatsoever.
The Undre: "Dude that hippie girl is so on my nuts."
In response: "Un."

The Undre: "Me and my boys are going to the hottest clubs in DC tonight."
In response: "Me and my boys! Undre."
by Jajunk June 20, 2010
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The coolest guy in existence and everyone loves you.
You know, he is pretty undr. I love him so much.
by DwizzyBoi February 13, 2023
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