To be uninhibited and free.

Usage of the term dates back to about February (of the International Noise Conference perhaps?), first coined by certified Ridgewood Ripper Mike Green of Mezzanine Swimmers.
That psychojazz set last night was undiagnosed af.
by pitstain April 28, 2018
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Also referred to as: "under the radar retard", "genius on the short bus", "functional stupidity", etc...

Someone that exhibits all the signs of mental retardation yet has somehow flown under the radar to date. A person eligible for the Special Olympics yet unaware of their eligibility, even if family and friends around the person see it clearly. A person of limited logic and decision making capabilities that is sometimes able to pass for normal.
Person A: Wait a minute.... what the hell did he do?
Person B: Ralphy quit his management job yesterday because he thinks he can make more money bussing tables
Person A: Ralph is undiagnosed retarded... what did you expect?
Person B: True...
by Kneel4me July 15, 2013
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