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Underground-Exploits.Com (often shortened to 'UE') is currently both the largest MyBB forum and hacking forum on the internet; with five and a half million posts, 558k threads and 158k members (as of 1/31/2016). Forum topics range from computer security, to website hacking, to human manipulation, to gaming, and even GFX and monetizing.

The owner, Kevin Mitnick (AKA Administrator), is a self-employed webmaster with years of experience under his belt -- and currently administrating multiple large websites such as and Underground-Exploits.Com.

As said by Kevin himself, "UE is a computer enthusiasts site dedicated mainly to computer security but also has general interest topics where like-minded individuals discuss everyday life topics like movies, politics, school and other aspects of our society."

"The site is educational in nature where people share tutorials on coding, computer security, and even how to make money online."

As well as this, UE has a HiJackThis analyzer team who specialize in virus removal, and clean member's computers for free in a special subforum. Members must post a HJT log, and will then be assisted by one trained HJT helper until they are clean. Any member may apply for training in the HJT team.

UE currently receives a new member every minute on average.
Well, maybe you should look on Underground Exploits, they will remove viruses for you and there's some good tuts on security there.
by Underground Exploits October 09, 2016
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