Phrase used by Whitman-Hanson kids to describe weird ass people who fuck and do other sexual activities under the stairs of the school
Bro did u hear about Vinny and Kelly were “under the stairs
by TheWhitmanKGeneral November 26, 2019
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Original hip hop duo from Mid City LA. Consisting of Emcee's Double K & Thes One. They make some of the best music that has come out in the "new school" All there music is sampled and mixed straight from 12"'s and fuck the drum machines. They definetly keep it real and to the truest essence of hiphop.
Damn every track on "Question in the Form of an Answer", "Or Stay Tunes", "O.S.T.", "The Next Step" are good, and style beyond any others.
by Hamydeez October 6, 2003
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An amazing LA-based duo Hip Hop group.
Made up of Double K and Thes One, both amazing turntablists, MCs, beat makers, crate diggers. They bring the freshest beats and rhymes, true '93 style hip hop and 70s style illicit funk. Based at Om Records.
Man! PUTS bring that FRESH shit!!!
by YoYoPo May 16, 2004
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A dance which often involes a sore head also a sex act involving a man, woman and a stick or phallic object
Oh wow my date gave me a pogo under the was amazing!
by Whiskeytango January 12, 2021
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