black people that cant multiply..

6 x 12 = 72
i got 6 times 12 i got six time 12(six 12's)
by asd4fsdg July 28, 2008
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Bag sizes (drug bags).

Frequently used in lyrics, mostly in rap music/gangsta rap.
Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon - Kilo
Tony Yayo - NYC, Where I'm From
Tony Yayo - 187 Ya Yo (187 freestyle)
Tony Yayo - Feel It In The Air
Tony Yayo - Love My Style
Tony Yayo Feat Max B & French Montana - Mr. 12 12 58 58

It's also G-Unit's No.1 hype man Tony Yayo's nickname - Mr. 12/12 58/58.

- "Salt tops, long tops, short tops, 12 12's 58 58's, weed bags, ziplocks
Big rocks, coke spots, big glocks, one OT's"

Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon - Kilo

- "I've finished my work now its time to cop
And meet that Chinese lady at the baggage spot
I Need 12 12's
And 58 58's
Cuz I got 8 sales
And they all gon' wait motherfucka"

Tony Yayo - 187 YA YO

- "Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon, June
Ya'll niggas can't rap ya'll ain't got no money
Broke ass niggas
Its the real Talk Of New York
Niggas tryin to bite my name and shit while I'm gone ha ha
Top Of New York nigga I'm changin' my shit, a.k.a. 12 12's 58 58's nigga
I did that just cause the playoffs is right now"

Tony Yayo - Nyc, Where I'm From
by Heartless_monster January 19, 2009
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It's a new slang word for Cops, Po9's, Po po's, 12's, Pigs ect ect...
Man dem Po 12's r tryin to get me fo jaywalking
by Most unknown September 04, 2020
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P 12's

The P 12's is another name for Cops, Pigs, Po po's, 12's, Po 9's ect.
It's messed up the P 12's r tryin niggaa
by Most unknown August 28, 2020
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