A man, THE MAN, a hero and an hero, one whose sole presence belittles everyone within 100 yard radius.

Some refer to him as DA MENG as he's so GZ. Women love him, and men love to hate him as they can never outwit or outmatch him.
Sit down you Uncle Mike wannabe! Some things you can't mimic!
by Uncle_Mike_Wannabe January 21, 2010
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That one shitty uncle you know, who says that he has served in the US Army/Navy/Marines, and says that he has fought in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, WW1, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan all at once, says that he has 25 Purple Hearts, 2 Medal of Honors, and all of these crazy amount of medals, and boasts about being a hero, even though he is only 36 years old and had never been a member of the Military for a single millisecond, he is very likely to own a military Jeep, or a Deuce and a Half.
-Oh look Dad, Here comes Uncle Mike, lets hope that he doesn't start to spew out bullshit for the 45th time this month.
-He probably will, I mean he was dropped head first after being born, Son.
-So that's why Uncle Mike is like this, thanks for letting me know dad.
by beentherewithdabeanboiz May 21, 2020
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The Caucasian version of an Uncle Tom. He has not loyalty and will sell out his family for promises made by strangers. He has no backbone and fears being alone. He is so lonely he does laundry with other peoples moms on Sundays until they run or die to get away. In his youth he had promise, loving family, everything but his own low self esteem and fear of rejection sank him to the lowest thing a person can be, a traitor against their own family.
That piece of shit Uncle Mike, 69 still calling himself Punkypoo2, better just keep his $5 whore and stay home because no one wants him here. And that little dog too mya
by Jessie’s Girl September 05, 2019
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Defeats any roast may make world implode when spoken.
Only use when roasts get to strong.
Daniel: Your mom gay lol.
Me: Don't make me do it..
Tabby: Your dad lesbian.
Me: I swear..
Ash: Your granny tranny
*world implodes*
by iced.milk March 15, 2018
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