A loser who goes unto other peoples homes. If you see this pedophile run because he can also cause an infestation of bugs because of his horrible stench. Basically this nigga is a BUM who uses people for shelter, and wants to fuck his nephews and nieceypoos.
“How did Uncle Donald get here he don’t have no car?!”
by BigdickBran June 5, 2023
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An asshole adult child who throws away their elderly parent, leaving them to die in their own waste all alone.
My brother is such an Uncle Donald, he didn't even tell me our father was dying.
by Kashegurl August 22, 2021
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A scumbag loser that lies, manipulates, and tells stories. We have a nickname for him its called “donnie ruxpin because he always tells stories you cant believe. This man only cares about what he can get from people including money. He doesnt care about his 4 kids he has and only cares about sex. He also steals, is a bum, and expects to live in your home rent free. He abuses animals as well and lived here in NY everybody knows the type of person he is and a select few dont take or fall for his shit including lies. This man will never change and people want you to feel sorry for him……well i got news for you i dont. I personally dont like him and wish he would all do us a favor and fuck off!!! Hes a piece of shit that runs from the law, in and out of jail, and screwed his family over multiple times. This man is the worst and avoid him at all costs!!!!
Mom: have you heard from uncle donald?
Me: no this piece of shit is never home and is probably out being his gay ass self the loser that he is!!!
by Furry2011 January 22, 2022
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