Nerd: "I think privacy is redundant"
Normal person: "shut the fuck up with your unbased opinions"
by gameking000 April 5, 2023
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Liking tennis is really unbased because it’s a stupid sport made by the French
by Funkymonkey288 November 27, 2021
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Adjective for someone who isn't based like true Lil b fans or Bitch Mob/Task Force.
Random dude: "Damien said he can cook better than you"
Me: " Damien is unbased, he can't even cook that shithead"
by CertifiedMasterChef October 29, 2013
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A girl who has hair on her arms and wears Jordan's and baseball caps
Omg are those Jordan's
And where's my tacos I'm such an unbasic bitch
by Colebudlite2002 March 30, 2015
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