To remove block/ban from sites or clubs.
Jon, I can't play the game until I get unbanned
by TyPlayz January 16, 2018
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I am unbanned and I won't join cus I ain't a pussy
by Kaiserreich February 11, 2021
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An unban request is something send the mods of a twitch stream or chat, or some other online platforms you can get banned on it threw, to request getting unbanned. People normally send these after saying something stupid, dumb, sexual, or generally inappropriate in said chat etc. and regret getting banned from said chat.
Unban requests normally consist of lame excuses, or reasons why they should be unbanned.

For example: "My little brother was on my computer."
Or, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to." Even though they deliberately typed the things in chat that got them banned.

The easiest way to avoid looking this idiotic is to bit type things that will get you banned in the first place.
Imjustalittlekid69 sent and unban request saying he "didn't mean it," to his favorite streamer after getting banned by her mods for explicitly typing: " Please bury me in your boobies!!!😍🥰😏😛😝😜" In her Twitch chat.
by SomeDumbassGuy July 24, 2021
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Happy Unbanned Day everyone! Unbanned day is the day to celebrate everyone who got their TikTok account banned, but later got their account back. Unbanned Day was created by @thebuttclub and @fancygnf on TikTok. Unbanned Day is celebrated on September 28 every year. The first unbanned day was celebrated on Sunday, September 28, 2021.
Hey @fancygnf, happy Unbanned Day!

I wanna celebrate being unbanned but I guess I have to wait until Unbanned Day.

Happy Unbanned Day @thebuttclub :)
by Thebuttclub September 27, 2021
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