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Also know as UPP, A unanimous agreement within everybody at one party to convince one or two drunken idiots to do something incredibly stupid. Usually consisting of a fight or an unforgettable party prank.
1: Orin: "Hey Eric, that Chad that's dancing by himself over there just told me he donkey punched your mom last night!"
Eric (already wasted): "That son of a bitch! I'm gonna go rip his heart out and stick it in the microwave!"
Hours later:
Officer Malone: "What do you think happened here?"
Officer Holsclaw: "Well Malone, this looks like a clear cut case of a Unanimous Party Pact, because everyone seems to find it funny, and nobody's spilling any details."
Officer Malone: "Well, lets get this body out of here"

2: Eric (to Sonny): "Hey man, Derick just told me that he donkey punched your sister earlier today"
Orin (to Derick): "Dude Derick, Sonny just told me he donkey punched your sister 20 minutes ago!"
Thus commences an epic fight of drunken proportions.

3: Eric and Orin (to Andy): "Hey dude, I bet you can't donkey punch that booze wench by the end of the night"
Andy: "Is that Molly? I'll take that bet!"
by O.G.² October 20, 2008
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