A very sensitive and pretty girl who can rely on other people for her happiness, quite often of the opposite gender. She can experience heartbreak, but always feels better (slightly hyper) around her friends.
"Uma, how's it going with John?"
"We're dating but he doesn't know it yet. Or that we're engaged and are going to have kids."
by bobhiya March 05, 2019
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Unidentified Mysterious Animal
"Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness monster?"

"Now that one I know. You sure are into UMA's"
by madeup6 September 21, 2010
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The act of scratching off the p of your Puma trousers

this then becomes a nickname
Hey, Uma.
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She is an amazing girl who is funny and cute at the same time. She is really smart and fun to hang out with but be aware of her temper. She will make you feel loved and happy, Uma will be a great friend to you no matter what, they are too precious so don’t break their hearts.
by Hardin Scott September 10, 2020
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A woman/girl that you either find EXTREMELY hot or EXTREMELY ugly due to her unconventional beauty (by American standards) and alien-like characteristics, like that of Uma Thurman. An Uma is also most likely to be a butterface.
Bro #1: "Yo man- dibs on the redhead with glasses!"

Bro #2: "Are you fucking kidding me? That bitch is a total Uma! She's all yours bro."
by Captain American't December 08, 2010
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preceding exclamation made to show the pain on any part of the body that you have just hurt

a mix of ooh and my = uma
After walking into table side and hurting one's manhood = uma cock!!!
by ebuygum April 22, 2009
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