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large town on north-west coast of Tasmania, Australia.
much like many other historic towns the main drag has a few shops and 2 supermarkets that suck the life out of the other small shops.

the only apparent exiting thing that occurs is on Friday nights when the local "hoons" come out to show off in their ricers and rice-burners (see ricers, rice-burner) and hopefully make a fool of themselves to others with street racing. a vast majority of these hoons (see hoons) live in the western portion of the town and can be sometimes seen by day performing tasks such as removing tire tread from tires to make racing slicks for "Friday night".

all this being said, Ulverstone is a nice quiet place to live (aside from Friday) and is only a few minutes drive from 2 small cities, both of which are shipping ports. plenty of parks are available for the elderly to walk/drive/crash-into and if you dont like Ulverstone much, there are plenty of places to buy alcohol to help you forget it.
Ulverstone is a great place to not go unless you like boring quiet things and crappy old bridges
by some random interweb user February 19, 2011
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