Ultragelb literally means "ultra yellow" in German. It sometimes is mistakenly referred to as a rather foul tasting brand of food thickener called "ultra gel". Ultragelb is the stuff made of legends, producer of witty remarks and witty (productivity?) apps, caught a cult following in the home computer market of days gone by. An Ultragelb is a healthy and productive addition to any niche home computer scene. If you find an Ultragelb out in the wild make sure to give them a welcome home and cherish them. Since if you do not pay attention the Ultragelb my slip away into the void never to bee seen again.
Did anyone see the Ultragelb? Hmm now you mention it, not recently, maybe they went off to code in a dark corner. Damn missed them again, will be years before we have another chance to find one.
by Xantipe October 24, 2018
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