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A downloadable Internet proxy program that is the bane of high school Internet filters everywhere.

UltraSurf originated in 2003 as an anti-censorship program for Chinese Internet users. Its use in high schools began in 2008, but it exploded into popularity in early 2009 and quickly became a major issue for high schools, who are used to blocking traditional Internet-based proxies.

UltraSurf is perhaps best known for the golden lock icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen while the program is in use. Students will sometimes hide this movable icon behind the taskbar because it is so easily visible to teachers and administrators.

UltraSurf is almost impossible to block on school campuses because it is a downloadable program run off of a USB flash drive instead of a website that can be blocked through a filter. Like traditional proxies, it is used primarily to gain access to Facebook, Youtube, and other commonly blocked websites.

"Nerdy" students may gain instant popularity by proliferating the program to more popular students, though results may vary.
UltraSurf is so mainstream these days that even my teacher uses it to get on Facebook during lunch.

It's funny how the computer geeks became popular overnight just because they introduced those preps to UltraSurf.
by Proxy master May 18, 2009
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Ultrasurf is a VPN that can be used to unblock certain websites. It can be used as a chrome extension to unblock your games at your school.
Kid 1: Hey dude, can you send me the link to the Ultrasurf chrome extension? I wanna play CoolMathGames and NewGrounds but it says it’s blocked.
Kid: Sure! *sends link*
by GdonHail August 28, 2019
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