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• Description: Medical condition. A term used to describe the swollen female genitalia or anus after vigorous prolonged coitus with a very well-endowed male. CoPD Antonym; Cod

• Parameters:
o Female will complain about being swollen shut.
o Usually with a very large deposit of male DNA.
o Must meet the following triad:
 Length
 Girth
 And, incredible natural; albeit almost brutal; stamina.
o The female, through combined effort, will have achieved a minimum of 10 vaginal, clitoral, anal (or combined) orgasms. Orgasms achieved from any position; preferably many positions; with an emphasis on deep penetrating thrusts whereby the female aides by thrusting in conjunction with the male.
o Upon completion of the act, the male remains deep in the female until pulsations from male and female cease and the female Kegel muscle releases the male from her grasp.
o Upon withdrawal, the female swells shut, trapping the male deposit for a number of days depending upon the vigorousness of the session, duration, and volume of deposit.

• Adverse medical affects:
o Honeymoon cystitis.
o Development of a hyperactive female libido.
o Swollen, sore vaginal lips for days after (what am I saying??? I want that!)
o The woman is swollen. Urination is problematic.
o Walking for the female, may be an issue.
o May required longer periods of sleep after coitus.
"OMG he FUCKED me so hard he gave me Ultimate Pelvic Destruction (UPD)!
by General Buck Turgidson September 24, 2017
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