A small village in eastern NSW. The town consists entirely of moronic miners who spend all day in the pub and whose combined IQ is less than that of a guinea pig.
"Hey bro, we're gonna call into Ulan on the way to Gulgong"
"Mate, unless you have a fluoro vest on and 3 inches of coal dust on your face you will most likely get sodomised with a pool cue by the inbred townsfolk"
by Germanatrix January 15, 2012
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Ulan is a name of some rich american kid with a 1300 dollar gaming pc with and razer mouse and trying to get a ninja air58 still better than a avrege player in fornite
Ulan is a name
by FaKe Cowbelly May 20, 2019
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"You-lain". Generally ulane is a name given to a short, dark haired girl. In Greek mythology "ulane" was the curly haired dog of Hercules. Generally a name given to someone whom serves other.
: "Look at that girl she is behaving like an Ulane by doing everything for him!", "Dont become an Ulane by serving him!"
by BaasRian August 29, 2011
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