The person with the last name Uhas is intelligent, funny and can sometimes be moody. They will most likely get angry or irritated when not listened to. They create strong bonds with most people and will be loyal to the end. They will hang on to moments where you hurt their feelings or were annoying. They are most likely beautiful or handsome and an all around loving person.
That’s Uhas for you!
by Meeeeeeeeee;p April 30, 2019
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A word that is used to signal a response to a yes or no question
Stundent: Frau can I cut class?

Frau: Yup uha
by *******12345678910 February 22, 2006
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You just said uh- but then made the sound “a” and everyone is looking at you
Friend: Do you know how hard math is!?
You: Uha-
by DorothyCai4 May 21, 2021
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