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An ugly person who should never be seen naked, to the point where they should have large plates surgically attached to their flesh to prevent nudity in case of accidental clothing removal. These plates would make the person's appearance similar to that of an armadillo, thus the hybrid word.

It is possible on many social networking/online dating sites to go "hunting the uggodillo". To do so, you would need to post the phrase "get in mah nett" and perhaps an accompanying macro.

Coined by bronzcowgrl with the assistance of Blaidd
"I am going uggodillo hunting... oh man, look at this beast, uggodillo for sure. GET IN MAH NETT"
by bronzcowgrl February 02, 2009
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not just a SIF, but a hogbeast SIF, or basically someone completely crunchy that has no idea that they seriously need a makeover and some attention given to their physical appearance.

--coined by bronzcowgrl
I answer all of these ads online for making friends and whatnot, but so many of them are uggodillos working the myspace angle.
by yoovie January 29, 2009
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