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Udooi is a stupid sounding "huh" noise. When someone gets hit upside the dome with an object, it is not uncommon for the person to murmer "udooi?" on their way to the deck. Udooi is centuries old, it is a thousand wonders it has yet made it into the annals of history. When Achiles's heel was injured in battle, it was well known that his last words were "Udooi?". When Goliath was struck down by David.....his last words were also "Udooi?". When someone is stumped as to what another person has just said, their response may be....."Udooi?".
Person 1: *incoherent* blah blah blah.
Person 2: Udooi?

Person 1: *throws rock* @ person 2.
Person 2: *thud* Udooi? *hits ground*
by Mountain Dew Boy Pepitated April 08, 2010
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