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Organised, systematic or calculated trolling.
Unlike a normal 'troll' where one attempts to instigate a response (typically negative) in a target audience (such as slagging off a given model of car, on the owners club forum for that model of car) ubertrolling takes it one step further by trolling those trolls.
The strength of an ubertroll can be on two fronts. Primarilly, an Ubertroll can be significantly more effective than a regular troll by more intelligently constructing a trolling post (either through previous research or by having multiple trolls responding) and can cause 'nerd rage' far more successfully.
Secondly, an ubertroll can use their powers to shut down a regular troll by agreeing with them using a tone that hints at sarcasm but doesn't attempt to belittle them. This can be extremely frustrating for a regular troll.
An Ubertroll is not normally spotted as quickly as a regular troll.
(In context of a Honda Civic Owners forum, purely as an example)
Regular troll: "I was looking at buying a Type-R but they're all quite slow, what would you recommend?"
The troll here is obviously trying to get Type-R owners worked up.
Ubertroll: "You're quite right they are all slow, most of us wish we had Ferarris."
The Ubertroll is trying to shut down the troll by removing the power from his statement.

Regular troll: "I was looking at buying a Type-R but they're all quite slow, what would you recommend?"
Ubertroll: "Well I've had a Type-R for a while and I agree it's really gutless"
The goal here is to further annoy the Civic owners forum. By seeing multiple people saying the same thing, a Type-R owner might be more inclined to get angry and reply.
by Wario666 February 28, 2012
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