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Also known as Ubergoat or Supergoat,

the Ubergeit is a rare and mysterious breed of goats. These creatures were originally goats held by the shamans and druids of the Germanic, Slavic and even a few celtic tribes.

The goats eventualy changed into 'ubergeiten' or supergoats. These creatures were more intelligent and stronger than normal goats, and also more aggresive. How or why this change happened remains unclear.

Somewhere in history, experts believe it was between 10.000 and 5.000 B.C., something went wrong and the Ubergeiten revolted to their masters. A great war was the result. In the end Man was victorious, and the Ubergeiten almost became extinct. Still the Ubergeiten remained prominent in world history, as an example the Mongolian warlord Ghengis Khan, who was half Ubergeit, half human.

Increased sightings hint that the Ubergeiten are prepairing for a second war. With increased technological capabilities of both the races, this war, will leave its mark on earth forever.
'Dark noises from the north, south, west and east, we have been surrounded by the beast. Oh gods, will we survive this nightly feast?

I see the Ubergeit'

- extract from the Roman general Fistus Maximus', of the XIV legion, letter to his wife: Ignacia Aurelia
by dr. Hans Howitzer May 02, 2011
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