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One who has acheived excellence in many a video game. One who easily masters any video game they play. A beast at playing video games. Better defined, Bobby Blackburn.
Bobby is such an Uber Gamer. I want to be just like him when I grow up.
by Ganongeek August 15, 2007
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1). An IRC leech of the highest calibre.

2). One who brings the ownage like nobody's business

3). A user who can simultaneously be the most respected user in a chat, but the most shameful in MP games.

4). "Your God"- High priestess Saget
"@Tyr` ubergamer, impaler of the meek gamers, scourge of irc, destroyer of worlds, master of the game and creator of the universe"- #jediknight3
by EventSpire October 28, 2003
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