"Useless Fucking Canadian Whore". Female of Canadian origin with a propensity for spouting utter bullshit, or seeking praise for trivial accomplishments that an otherwise-retarded four year old would find trivial.
"What has the UFCW claimed this time?" or "I see the UFCW managed to open the door to its office this morning."
by Feuer October 25, 2004
acronym for: Useless Fucking Crying Wimps

A pile of people who claim to represent the masses of Food and Commercial Workers. Since the days of labor laws, unions have become worthless, they do nothing but impose fear in their own members, crying and bitching so they can appear to serve a purpose.
P1: Hey, I got a pile of mail today from the UFCW telling me absolutely nothing about what they do for my 5$ a week, except say that they want to keep lazy people making more than i do.

P2: Yea, it's so worthless I use it to wrap dead animals in.
by spinnymatty May 9, 2009