They are so bad... Imagine this. You're just scrolling through your favorite website until you found something... disturbing; but then, the whole rest of the website is filled with them! That's kind of what this is. A wholesome list of disturbing garbage that shouldn't be here.
(Also, why can't we leave the "example sentence" as blank; and has to have the word you put it as the title? Fuck that shit.)

UD Definitions are almost always terrible, no matter what they are.
by Somario the Adventurater January 22, 2022
A poor effort at being clever where someone describes an opposing group, ideology, figure, etc. in a derogatory way in an Urban Dictionary definition.
"Group A: A bunch of touchless virgins with bad breath and unwiped butts."
"Ah, yes, another shitty UD Political Definition written by a touchless virgin with bad breath and an unwiped butt.
by Wubway December 23, 2021